Start Trading Smarter with Next Generation Automation

Greedy Bastard Risk Management Buddy works on top of your TradingView scripts for full next-gen automation, making your strategies more powerful, saving you time and money.

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Increased Efficiency

By automating your trading strategy using Greedy Bastard RM Buddy and TradingView scripts, you can reduce the amount of time you spend monitoring the market and executing trades.

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Greedy Bastard RM Buddy and TradingView scripts can help you achieve more consistent trading results by executing trades based on predefined rules and algorithms.

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Elimination of Emotions

By removing emotions from the decision-making process, Greedy Bastard RM Buddy helps you make more accurate and profitable trades.

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Greedy Bastard RM Buddy can be customized to fit your specific trading strategy, which can help you achieve your trading goals more effectively.

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Better Risk Management

Our advanced risk management techniques help you protect your portfolio and minimize losses.

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User-Friendly Interface

Greedy Bastard RM Buddy is designed to be easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that’s accessible to traders of all levels.

Powerful features to make trading SIMPLE as 1-2-3!

Automate Trading with Signals and Alerts

  • Automatically execute trades based on Risk Management Buddy signals, without the need for constant monitoring and manual input
  • Customize your signals and alerts to fit your specific trading strategy and goals

Money Management

  • Set up risk-reward ratios and position sizing to manage your trades and maximize your profits while minimizing your losses
  • Utilize trailing stops and other risk management tools to protect your investments and limit your downside
  • Set up automatic profit targets and stop losses to ensure that you lock in gains and cut losses at predetermined levels
  • Use backtesting and historical data to analyze and improve your money management strategies

Risk Management

  • Use Risk Management Buddy features such as stop losses and position sizing to limit your downside and protect your investments
  • Utilize margin, leverage and martingale features in a responsible and informed manner, avoiding excessive risk-taking and potential margin calls
  • Risk Management Buddy will Monitor your trades and to identify and warn you of potential risks of leverage, margin, and martingale being too high.

Time Management

  • Use the Risk Management Buddy’s time-saving features to free up more time for analysis and strategy development
  • Save time and increase productivity by delegating routine trading tasks to the trading bot.

And Many, Many, Many More Features…

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Set Position Size

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Leverage / Margin

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Trade Scheduler

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Date Filter

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Candle Types

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Show Signals

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Filter Indicators

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Onchart Backtester

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Support Resistance Lines

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Fibonacci Lines

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Price Forecaster

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Autoview Connection

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Move to Breakeven

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Martingale System

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Multiple Take Profits

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Trailing Stop Loss

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Stop Loss

Simple pricing plans for every budget

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Frequently asked questions

How do I recieve access?
Once the purchase is finalized, you will gain access with in 24 hours. To utilize Risk Management Buddy, it is essential to have a free TradingView account. Proceed to the “Indicators” section where our indicator can be located under the “invite-only scripts” category. Should you encounter any difficulties in accessing the Strategy, kindly refresh the Indicator webpage or restart your TradingView application. It is crucial to verify the accuracy of the TradingView username provided during checkout. In the event of a typographical error, simply rectify the username by visiting the “My Account” section on our website and entering the email used during the checkout process. Within the subscription portal, you can effortlessly update your TradingView username by selecting your subscription. For further assistance, our dedicated support team can be reached on Discord or via email at [email protected].
How does Greedy Bastard Risk Management Buddy work?
Greedy Bastard Risk Management Buddy works ontop of your existing tradingview scripts or you can select one of our many Host tradingview scripts. It will turn just about any script with signals into a Fully Next-Gen Automated Trading Strategy adding Stop Losses, Trailing Stop Losses, multiple Take Profits, Break even points, Martingale sytsyem, Leverage and many more features included. Once the Risk Management Buddy is added to the chart and connected to the Host tradingview script you will begin to see nice graphical labels and level lines for the various features charted for your viewing pleasure.
What Market does the Risk Management Buddy work on?
GM Risk Management Buddy and the entire suite of Host tradingview script are compatible with all timeframes and charts accessible on TradingView. This includes forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, and commodities. Whether you engage in scalping and intraday trading on shorter timeframes or prefer swing trading on longer timeframes, Risk Management Buddy can accommodate your needs. The optimal timeframe to utilize will vary based on the specific trading pair and your individual trading style.
Can I use my own strategy with Risk Management Buddy?
You can use your own strategy or Host tradingview script , but you’ll have to convert it to an indicator first with plotted signals for GM Risk Management Buddy to read, see youtube videos on how to convert from indicator to strategy, and just reverse the process or you can submit your strategies to the Greedy Bastard Developer Suport team and they will assist you or convert it for you and send it back (fees may apply)


“I was skeptical about using a risk management tool at first, but this has completely changed my mind. It’s an indispensable tool that has helped me to mitigate risks and protect my assets.”

Jess Brown


“I highly recommend the Greedy Bastard Risk Buddy to anyone who takes risk management seriously. It’s a reliable and efficient tool that has greatly improved my tradingview strategies.”

Shane Warne


“Really love how intuitive it is. Even if you have no experience with risk management, it’s easy to use and understand.”

Sam Jones

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